Florida Allergies: Symptoms and Types

Childhood outdoor allergies to pollen

Do you dread going outside because you have pollen allergies?

Allergies in Florida are seen most often in children, but actually, allergies can develop or disappear at any time or any age. Sometimes an allergy that you seem to lose, will return years later. That’s because allergies are the result of a chain reaction that starts with your genetics, triggers your immune system, and results in unpleasant, sometimes dangerous, symptoms.

Are dust mites and pet dander ruining your enjoyment of life?

Your immune system protects you from invading organisms that can cause illness.  Occasionally, your immune system mistakes an otherwise harmless substance for an invader, and it overreacts. This triggering substance is called an allergen, and the reaction is called an allergy. Here are some typical allergy symptoms:

  • Eye discomfort:  redness, itching, swelling, tearing
  • Nasal discomfort:  congestion, itchiness, postnasal drip
  • Sinus discomfort:  pain, pressure, recurrent infections,
  • Ear discomfort:  fullness, pain, recurrent infections
  • Skin problems:  irritation, itching, welts, rash, hives
  • Respiratory symptoms:  shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, chest tightness
  • Overall health:  fatigue or hyperactivity

Floridians know well that they struggle through a unique set of allergy symptoms that can be particularly miserable. Because of the weak winters and persistent moisture, plants prosper, creating more pollen throughout the year as well as better conditions for other kinds of allergies. Allergies in Florida tend to last longer, making quick and effective relief very important for allergy sufferers.

Common Allergies in Florida:

There are several kinds of allergies that Floridians suffer from the most, each with its unique struggles. Some of the most common allergies in Florida include:

How to Get Rid of Allergies Fast:

When allergies persist for an extended period of time, there is no need to continue to suffer. Collier Otolaryngology can get to the root of your allergy problems, and provide real relief. From fall to summer, our team will do our best to provide you with yearlong relief.

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Pollen allergies can be miserable

In addition, some allergens can produce anaphylaxis, a serious, life-threatening allergic reaction.  Anaphylaxis can affect more than one part of the body at the same time, causing symptoms ranging from a red and itchy rash and feelings of warmth or lightheadedness to tightening of the throat, shortness of breath, and a drop in blood pressure that leads to unconsciousness and shock.

Symptoms of anaphylaxis can happen very quickly and require immediate medical treatment often with a trip to an emergency room.  If it is not treated properly and promptly, anaphylaxis can be fatal.

Pet dander allergies can be miserable

Don't live with the misery of allergy symptoms and the possibility of serious consequences.

If you or anyone in your family is suffering from allergy symptoms, a personalized treatment plan can improve your overall health and quality of life.  Our ENT specialists at Collier Otolaryngology will use allergy testing to determine your specific allergens and then develop a personal treatment plan to help you overcome your allergies, feel better, and live better.

How are allergies treated?
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