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Chronic Rhinitis, Redness and Swelling in the Nose

Are you sneezing? Is your nose itchy and runny?

Inflammation of the mucous membranes in your nasal passages is called Rhinitis. This inflammation results from irritation and congestion in your nose which give you symptoms like sneezing, runny and/or itchy nose, or stuffiness. There are allergic and non-allergic causes for rhinitis, but the symptoms are alike

Allergic Rhinitis results from an immune system response to specific, non-infectious substances such as pollens, molds, dust mites, and some chemicals, foods, and medicines. The immune system triggers a release of histamine into the body which opens the blood vessels and induces redness and swelling of nasal membranes.

Allergic rhinitis may be seasonal, often called “hay fever,” or perennial, occurring year-round from sensitivity to indoor irritants like pet hair, molds, carpeting and upholstery, and even cockroaches.

Non-Allergic (vasomotor) Rhinitis does not involve the immune system but does cause symptoms similar to allergic rhinitis. Vasomotor rhinitis can be triggered by irritants like cigarette smoke and pollutants, as well as strong odors, alcoholic beverages, and cold.1

Chronic Rhinitis refers to nasal inflammation that occurs frequently or persistently so that you have long-standing symptoms, with one of the most common being post-nasal drip.

Chronic Rhinitis affects over 24 million people in the U.S.2

Does that describe you? Or maybe you are also one of the 2.5 million patients who are resistant to medical therapy.2   If you have symptoms of Chronic Rhinitis, but never get relief from sprays, pills and drops, there’s a new approach to treatment that’s different.

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ClariFix® Cryotherapy goes to the root of the Chronic Rhinitis problem.

It has been established that interrupting the pathways of nasal nerves results in the reduction of runny and stuffy nose symptoms.2

By cooling the inflamed nasal tissue and the underlying nerves, ClariFix® provides effective, long-term relief. In fact, a clinical study reported that 4 out of 5 people experienced long-lasting improvement, including reduction in runny nose and congestion with ClariFix® Cryotherapy. 2

(H4) ClariFix® Cryotherapy offers you so many benefits.2

  • The procedure is performed in our office and takes about 15 minutes.
  • Only a topical anesthesia is needed.
  • A special cooling probe is used to freeze a small area of nasal tissue in the back of your nose.
  • ClariFix® is safe.  In a clinical study, the ClariFix® device and procedure were well-tolerated by patients and caused no serious adverse events.
  • There is minimal downtime. Most patients resume normal activities immediately.
  • Most patients experience relief within 30 days after treatment.

Clinically Proven, Minimally Invasive, Performed in Our Office

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Tell your Runny, Stuffy Nose to COOL IT!

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