Balloon Sinuplasty

Safe, Effective, and Long-Lasting Relief from Sinus Pain

Are you suffering from frequent or severe sinus infections? Are you frustrated by the constant struggle to breathe free? Have you given up hope that safe, effective, and affordable solutions can give you lasting relief? You don’t have to live with the suffering. There is a modern minimally-invasive solution that will give you the relief that you need without the cost and risk of surgery. Discover what balloon sinuplasty can do for you.

How does Balloon Sinuplasty work?

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In the past, traditional treatments involved one of two primary options:

  1. Treat the symptoms with medication: This often delivers temporary relief but never addresses the underlying problem.
  2. Traditional Sinus Surgery: Fully invasive surgical solutions effectively address underlying issues. However, they involve hospitalization, long recoveries, and the permanent removal of bone and tissue.

Starting in 2005, an advanced modern solution became available. Balloon sinuplasty quickly demonstrated outstanding results with minimal risk and discomfort. Unlike medications, this FDA cleared procedure directly addresses the underlying cause of infection. Unlike traditional surgery, this solution could be comfortably performed in the doctor’s office without the need for hospitalization or permanent removal of bone and tissue.

Since 2005, more than half a million patients have received lasting relief with an astounding balloon sinuplasty success rate of 95%. Balloon sinuplasty patient reviews from across the country and around the world have shown the exceptional life-changing benefits of this technological advancement in sinus infection treatment.

Sinuplasty is a safe and simple procedure that involves three primary steps:

Sinuplasty procedure steps

1. A tiny catheter is inserted into the sinus cavity and is precisely placed in the area of the sinus blockage.

2. A balloon located in the catheter is gently inflated to open up the sinus blockage.

3. The catheter is removed allowing the sinus cavity to be cleaned. Once the blockage is open, the natural process of sinus drainage is restored.

Balloon sinuplasty risks are minimal since there is no cutting or removing of tissue. Since this procedure is done from the comfort and convenience of the office, there are no additional risks from hospital infection or anesthesia reaction. Balloon sinuplasty recovery time is quick and patients can return to normal daily activities shortly after treatment.

If you are suffering from chronic sinus infections, you can improve your quality of life for years to come with balloon sinuplasty.

Do I Need Balloon Sinuplasty?

At Collier Otolaryngology, our professional team always works to listen to your needs and help you achieve your individual goals. Our board-certified physicians use their exceptional skills along with the most advanced technology to diagnose and understand your condition. We listen and collaborate with you, providing you the respect and dignity to make your own health decisions.

Depending on your long term goals, sinuplasty may be an appropriate option for you to achieve long-lasting relief. If you continue to chronically suffer from any of the following symptoms, then you may want to consider exploring all of your treatment options:

  • Stuffy Nose
  • Sinus Headaches
  • Facial Pain
  • Congestion
  • Sinus Pressure
  • Bad Breath

Take our Sinus Self-Assessment Quiz to understand how your unique sinus symptoms are impacting your daily life. Then let us work with you to find a path toward long-term relief.

Balloon Sinuplasty Near Me

You don’t have to travel to receive world-class treatment from highly skilled professionals. Our board-certified team of otolaryngologists is highly respected in the medical field. Together they bring the most advanced technology, modern surgical techniques, and decades of training. The residents of Naples and surrounding communities can experience the very best treatment while being listened to, respected, and valued.

Our reputation for clinical excellence and collaborative decision making has resulted in the exceptional trust that we have earned from our community. Doctors Magardino and Bello will listen to your needs, clearly explain your options, and allow you to make the decision that meets your goals, addresses your needs, and fits your budget.

The Benefits of Balloon Dilation

Balloon sinus dilation (balloon sinuplasty) is the most effective way to achieve long-term sinus infection relief. This procedure restores the body’s natural flow of mucus and allows the sinuses to do what they were designed to do. Once the sinuses are opened and working naturally, you will be able to breathe freely, speak and sing clearly, and fight off the colds and viruses that the sinuses are designed to protect from. In addition, sinuplasty provides exceptional benefits when compared to other treatment options.

Addresses the Root Cause

Other treatment options, such as medication, work to mask symptoms and provide temporary relief. Balloon sinus dilation gets to the root cause of the sinus infection which is the blocked sinus passage. The painful symptoms that accompany a sinus infection are a direct result of the sinus blockage and once the blockage is opened then long-term symptom relief is possible. With sinuplasty, you can stop fighting symptoms and have victory over the root cause.

Affordable Long-Term Solution

Balloon sinuplasty’s reputation for low risk and high success has resulted in its wide acceptance by insurance companies, Medicare, and other insurance providers. The cost-benefit of this procedure has been proven since its introduction in 2005. When compared to traditional surgery, sinuplasty does not involve expensive hospitalization or anesthesia. Unlike medications, sinuplasty gives lasting results which lead to lower health care costs over time. Sinuplasty will deliver results and save you money over time.

Convenience and Comfort

Sinuplasty is performed from the comfort of the office and takes less than two hours including preparation and post-treatment examination. No hospitalization, no cutting, no need for extended recovery periods. Balloon sinuplasty complications are minimal and are experienced less frequently than other treatment options.

This minimally invasive procedure will have you back to your daily routine with very little discomfort. Full balloon sinuplasty recovery usually takes 24 - 48 hours with minimal post-procedure restrictions.

Immediate, Lasting Relief

For those who have suffered from the pain and misery of chronic sinus infections, the most exciting benefit of balloon sinuplasty is the immediate and lasting relief that it provides. Balloon sinuplasty reviews and clinical studies show that 95% of patients report significant improvement. High success rates continue for years after the initial procedure. Because balloon sinuplasty gets to the root cause and restores the natural function of the sinus cavity, the results are quick and greatly improve overall quality of life.

You need a solution that is safe, effective, affordable, and gives you back the quality of life that you deserve.

You don’t have to live with chronic sinus pain, explore the benefits of balloon sinuplasty today.

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If you are tired of searching for sinus relief and want to stop simply addressing symptoms, then balloon sinuplasty can deliver safe, effective, and lasting results. You can experience the pain-free joy from sinuses that are restored to their natural function. Contact us today and get started on the road to lasting sinus relief.

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