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Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus Dilation)

Balloon Sinuplasty can cure sinus illness

What kind of procedure is this?

Clinical studies have shown that 20% or more of chronic sinusitis patients fail to get relief of symptoms simply with medications.1  For those patients, traditional sinus surgery may be recommended. Traditional sinus surgery is an invasive procedure done in a surgical setting under general anesthesia and enlarges the sinus opening by removing bone and tissue.  It normally requires post-op nasal packing, and can result in facial bruising and a painful, extended recovery period.

Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus Dilation) is a minimally invasive procedure developed from the same techniques used by cardiologists to open blocked blood vessels. Ear Nose & Throat specialists use this advanced technology in-office
to treat sinus passages blocked by chronic sinusitis.  These physicians can now offer this an alternative to traditional sinus surgery that is more convenient,
cost-efficient, and satisfactory for the majority of their sinus patients.

Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus Dilation) takes about an hour 2, is safe, effective and has a quick recovery time 3,4.  Its effectiveness is proven to open blocked sinus passageways and let you enjoy long-lasting relief.2

Read about the experience of one of Dr. Magardino’s patients in this article:

Minimally invasive procedure for chronic sinusitis done now in office

And, how does Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus Dilation) Work?

Sinuplasty procedure steps

1. Locate
First, topical and/or local anesthetics are applied and the sinus area to be drained is located.

2. Dilate
After the device is carefully positioned, the small balloon will be gently inflated to dilate the blocked area.

3. Restore
The balloon is then deflated and removed, leaving the passageway open. Drainage and normal sinus function are restored.

How do I know that Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus Dilation) will work for ME?

As revolutionary as Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus Dilation) is, it may not be the answer to every patient’s sinus problem.  The first step is to see one of our board-certified Otolaryngologists for a definite diagnosis.  This will include a complete history of your symptoms and treatments combined with a thorough examination. Additional testing and scans may be
recommended by your doctor as necessary

If you are suffering from sinus symptoms that last longer than 12 weeks, or if you have sinus infections multiple times a year, you could be a candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus Dilation) to significantly improve your quality of life.

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Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus Dilation) Technology is intended for use by or under the direction of a physician. Consult your physician for a full discussion of associated risks and benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty Technology and to determine whether this procedure is right for you.


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