What Our Patients Are Saying...

We take pride in helping our patients overcome chronic sinusitis, relieve their hearing loss, and return them to an active, healthy lifestyle.

Here you can read stories from patients we have treated and how they feel about their experiences while under our care.

I have been Dr. Bello's patient over fifteen years. He has performed my nasal surgeries and helped me breathe better. Always compassionate, professional and courteous. Wonderful bed side manner, wish more physicians had this quality.

- Kyle B.

They are very professional and efficient at Collier Ontolaryngology. Dr. Bello took the time to listen and really care about solving my ongoing sinus/ear infection problem. I feel like I am now in good hands.

- Nancy S.

Love the staff and Dr. Bello has been amazing with my children. They are both on the autism spectrum which sometimes requires a little extra patience and he never lacks patience and compassion with them. Thank You!

- Mercy S.

“I myself have seen both doctors. Dr. Magardino and Dr.Bello. Dr.Bello is the sweetest and easy to talk to, caring, respectful and empathetic to every patient's needs and problems. Then he suggests what's best for you and your treatment. My father who is a former physician himself also would highly recommend him to anyone. He has nothing but good words to say about Dr.Bello and his office and staff. The staff are highly efficient. Especially his receptionist Pam and Jenny in the billing department.”

- Michelle.

“My family and I have been seeing Dr. Magardino for a very, very long time. I refer anyone who needs an ENT to Dr. Magardino. He's amazing. He takes the necessary time to speak to his patients and is very thorough. All of the staff at his office is friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend Dr. Magardino.”

– Katina B.

“Let's just get right down to it. Dr. Magardino is a stellar doctor. I was diagnosed with a 4cm mass in the right side of my thyroid. This was discovered while undergoing an MRI for what I then thought was an unrelated issue. I was horrified. I am a 40 year old active, healthy male and this hit me hard. My first impression of him was one that left me calm,reassured and impressed with the scope of his knowledge. Had my surgery, went flawlessly and one week out scare is barely noticed. THANK YOU!”

– Rick H.

“Very knowledgeable. Explains in detail in a such a way that is understandable. Personable and caring.”

- Victoria S.

“Dr Magardino should be rated 5***** stars! I went to him when I found a lump in my throat. He immediately sent me for a scan. And then had a biopsy. I had a rough couple weeks of soreness. In two weeks I saw him and thankfully it wasn't cancer. I told him I was sore and he responded when he did the biopsy he really went deep to get a good biopsy. That there was the reason I would never go anywhere else because of his thoroughness.”

– Dianne L.

“I had suffered chronic sinus infections and Dr. Magardino ordered appropriate tests to determine that I had allergies and also narrow sinus passages, both factors contributing to the sinus infections. He performed the balloon procedure to open up my sinuses. This was a 1.5 - 2 hour procedure in his office with no cutting and just a local anesthesia. I was fully awake and he explained what he was doing throughout the procedure.“

– Connie B.

“I have seen Dr Magardino for 6 years for ENT issues. He is a caring physician whom I have highly recommended to many of my friends. He listens to your "medical complaints" and works with you to come up with a plan that is individualized for you. He has seen me on short notice if I feel the issue is emergent and never fails to tell me to call anytime if the problem persists. He is gentle, kind and compassionate.”

- Diane S.

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