The Celon Method for Chronic Nasal Congestion

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Constantly Stuffy? Trouble Breathing? Feeling Nasal Pressure?

If you suffer from constant nasal congestion, there's a new method for relief - the Celon Method.

Everyone gets a cold now and then, but a cold goes away. More and more people are finding they suffer from a permanently stuffy nose. The cause can vary, but often it’s an irritation of the mucous membrane in your nose which results in enlargement of structures called nasal turbinates.

Your nasal turbinates help moisten and warm air as they guide airflow through your nose. Enlarged turbinates may cause difficulty breathing through your nose, nighttime snoring, a loss of smell and taste, and an increased tendency toward headaches. And because this enlargement restricts airflow, the nasal mucosa is less able to perform its filtering function, leaving you more vulnerable to colds and infections. And enlarged nasal turbinates may not resolve on their own. 2

But there is good news. Chronically enlarged nasal turbinates can be treated today using a minimally invasive technique called the Celon method. Celon is a treatment option using radiofrequency that shrinks chronically enlarged nasal turbinates to restore airflow and normal breathing. It is a proven, state-of-the-art, highly efficient procedure with excellent results and post procedure recovery time. You can feel a marked difference after just a few days.2

Celon is a tried and tested technique used in doctors' practices and clinics worldwide.

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The Celon Method has already helped many patients breathe normally again.

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