Allergy Treatment

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What's the best way to get rid of my allergies?

Allergies can be addressed several ways, with the most common treatments being

  • Techniques for avoiding the allergen itself
  • Medication to address histamine response or specific symptoms

Sometimes a combination of treatments works best. The first step to creating an allergy treatment plan is to test you for the offending substances.  Collier Otolaryngology is the place to begin.

Allergy treatment from our office in Naples, FL

How do I know what treatment I need?

Once your allergens have been identified, we can discuss treatment options for the most successful outcome, and then create a plan suitable for you.  With the many choices available to you at Collier Otolaryngology, there’s no need to suffer with allergy symptoms any longer.

Pet dander and pollen/grass allergies can be stopped

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