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Who we are

Collier Otolaryngology PA has been in Naples, FL for over 15 years. We are located at 1879 Veterans Park Drive.
At this time we expanded our operation and opened a new hearing center to meet the needs of our patients and the community.

We are proud to present to our community with the latest technology available on the market today for hearing needs.

And remember, at Collier Otolaryngology PA we are not only here to help you ensure that you have the best hearing solutions available, but we are a one stop shop for all needs in regards to ears, nose and throat health.
We also offer:
  • Convenient early hours
  • Emergency service
  • Service available in Spanish and Italian
Collier Otolaryngology PA is licensed, board certified and AMA members. We also carry a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology.
We look forward to your call
For more information about our hearing solution services or for information about any of the other services we offer, please contact Collier Otolaryngology PA today.

Our Testimonials

We are proud to provide the best in hearing solutions to our clients at Collier Otolaryngology PA in Naples, FL. Currently, we are in the process of gathering valued testimonials and reviews from a few of our clients.
Please check back soon to see what people like you have said about our hearing solution services, our products and procedures.

Call us now to find out for yourself why people are so happy with our services
For more information about our center and our hearing solution services please call Collier Otolaryngology PA today.

Welcome to Collier Otolaryngology PA

Serving Naples, FL and the surrounding areas

Collier Otolaryngology
Dr. Thomas M. Magardino
Dr. Steven L. Bello
Have you recently attended a loud gathering where you had to ask the person you were talking to, to repeat what they were saying because you couldn't hear them over the crowd no matter how loud they spoke?

Do you find that sounds that you used to be able to hear with ease are not as clear as they used to be?

While every sound or statement isn't pleasant, being ‘able’ about to hear them is a gift.

Caring and knowledgeable staff

At Collier Otolaryngology PA in Naples, FL our team is here to help you hear! Doctors Steven Bello and Thomas Magardino along with audiologists, we are proud to offer the highest quality products to ensure lasting solutions.

If you are having trouble with your hearing, we will administer a complete medical diagnosis and lay out a treatment for you. We dispense all major brands of hearing aids and after we've completed your testing, we will work with you to find the hearing aid that is right for you and your hearing needs.

We're not just here for your ears

Other physical evaluations available at Collier Otolaryngology PA include:

  • All head and neck related surgery
  • Balance and vertigo
  • Ears
  • Swallowing
  • Throat
  • Thyroid
  • Nose
We also perform somnoplasty procedures for snoring.

At Collier Otolaryngology PA we offer treatment to people of all ages. Our prices on our high quality products are the lowest in town and if you need to purchase a hearing aid, they come with a free lifetime follow-up guarantee.

Your hearing solution is only a phone call away

Don't let a hearing problem get in the way of living your life to the fullest. Call Collier Otolaryngology PA in Naples, FL today.

Your audio solution is hear