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Chronic Sinusitis Treatment - Balloon Sinuplasty

If you keep getting sinus infections and just can’t shake the symptoms, we have good news to share with you!

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Effective Snoring Treatment for Naples, Florida Patients

You deserve to sleep well every night!  If breathing problems interrupt your sleep (or your bedpartner’s sleep), let us help restore your sweet dreams.

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Get Rid of Allergy Symptoms and Enjoy Your Life Again

Are you surrounded by things that give you allergy symptoms?  We can help you regain your freedom to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Relief for Chronic Sinus Problems and Allergy

Relief for Chronic Sinusitis

Do you seem to have a cold that won’t go away?  Have you finally gotten better after antibiotics only to have your symptoms return?  You now have an alternative that can give you immediate relief with long-lasting results, available in our Naples office!

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Advanced Audiology Solutions for Adults & Children

The Best in Hearing Care

Try our online hearing test.  You can complete it in just a few moments in the privacy of your own home.  Find out the degree of your hearing loss, which sounds are hardest for you to hear, and what kind of treatment would be best for you.

Advanced Hearing Solutions
Snoring & Sleeping Solutions

We Have Snoring Solutions

If you never feel rested when you get up in the morning, doze off easily at your desk, or run out of energy quickly, you may have a sleep disorder.  Let us diagnose and treat your problem so that you can keep pace and enjoy the quality of life again.

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Allergy Relief for the Whole Family

Conquer Your Allergies

Feel better and live better with allergy treatment from Collier Otolaryngology.  We use allergy testing to identify your specific allergens and develop your personal treatment plan.  We even have an exciting NEW method to treat your allergies!

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ENT Care for the Whole Family

Dr. Steven Bello and Dr. Thomas Magardino take a sincere interest in our patients’ needs and use a professional and dedicated approach to their treatment. We welcome patients of all ages and are here in Naples to offer you and your family comprehensive Ear Nose & Throat care.

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