Nasal Polyps

Do you constantly struggle with taming your runny nose, congestion, or nonstop loss of smell or taste? Do you get nervous when an article online leads you to believe you are showing signs of Omicron, Delta, or another COVID-19 variant? The resulting stress can be even more unbearable than your symptoms! Bear in mind, however, that these are signs of many different signs and nasal conditions. One, nasal polyps, can easily fool sinus sufferers into thinking they have something they do not. Join Collier Otolaryngology as we break it down.

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What are Nasal Polyps?
Nasal polyps are benign (noncancerous) growths that occur in the nasal cavity. They normally appear along the linings of the sinus openings. These areas are covered in protective mucous membranes, which are known to flare up due to several factors. 

Polyps are normally teardrop shaped and hang from the nasal lining. They can block airflow and prevent drainage in and out of the sinuses… and they’re incredibly common.

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The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology estimates that around 181 million people worldwide are living with nasal polyps. ¹

Common Causes and Signs of Nasal Polyps
A case of nasal polyps can seem like any other sinus infection: postnasal drip, congestion, blocked nasal passages, sinus pressure and pain, nosebleeds, etc. Though scientists don’t fully understand what causes nasal polyps, there are a few risk factors that are commonly associated with a greater risk of diagnosis:

Nasal Polyps Treatment

Treating nasal polyps and restoring nasal function is much simpler than many people believe. At Collier Otolaryngology, our plan to get you back to living polyp free may include:

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Get Started Today: Personalized Nasal Polyp Treatment

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of breathing free, get started with treatment plan from Collier Otolaryngology today. Children and adults of all ages have learned to trust our board-certified physicians, Drs. Bello and Magardino. We use the most advanced technology combined with a patient-centered treatment philosophy to develop fully customized treatment plans. We work to meet your needs, achieve your goals, and fit your budget all while providing world-class treatment and exceptional care. 

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