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What is Chronic Sinusitis?

Sinus pain and discharge are just two of the symptoms of  chronic sinusitis.

How do I know if I have sinusitis?

Your sinus cavities are located around and behind your eyes and nose.   They play a part in the overall health and function of your respiratory system and are lined with mucus secreting membranes to moisten airflow and to trap and help remove contaminants as you breathe.

There are many things that can irritate sinus membranes and passageways – pollutants in the air, chemicals, allergens like dust and pollen, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses – anything you inhale.   Irritation can cause the sinus membranes and passages to swell which interferes with their ability to drain properly.  This is when you experience Sinusitis with all its unpleasant symptoms.  Without proper sinus drainage, mucus accumulates in your sinuses and creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that lead to sinus infections.  Your symptoms usually get worse as the sinus infection develops.

Chronic Sinusitis occurs when your symptoms, which may include an infection, hang on for more than 12 weeks.

You may have tried home remedies and over the counter medications.  You may have been to the doctor several times and received antibiotics.  But if nothing has worked, you are likely trapped in a cycle of chronic sinusitis.  Here are some typical symptoms:

  • Facial Pain & Pressure
  • Headaches & Fatigue
  • Pain in Upper Teeth
  • Congestion or Stuffy Nose
  • Nasal Discharge (sometimes thick and yellow-green)
  • Bad breath

So if I have chronic sinusitis, what do I do now?

Your options haven’t been exhausted yet!  Historically, you would be facing an invasive sinus surgery in the hospital with an uncomfortable, prolonged recovery.  But now, you may be a candidate for a less  invasive treatment called Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus Dilation).  This proven procedure has advanced so that your doctor can perform it safely and conveniently in the office.
Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus Dilation) unblocks the sinus passageways to solve the problem and give you long lasting relief.

More about Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus Dilation)
Chronic sinusitis can leave you with multiple unpleasant symptoms.

We have advanced, effective treatment options for Chronic Sinusitis!

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Important Safety Information
The Balloon Sinus Dilation is not the answer to everyone’s sinus misery. Consult your physician for a full discussion of associated risks and benefits of sinuplasty technology and to determine whether this procedure is right for you.


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