Does My Child Need to see an ENT?

November 3, 2021

Does My Child Need to see an ENT?

Are you wondering how to help a baby with a runny nose? Is it covid or a cold? What if it's just their sinuses? Parents of young children know very well that sickness is almost always in the air. In a time full of questions, do you find yourself wondering where to draw the line between common ailments and something more serious? Join Collier Otolaryngology as we explain when it might be time to take your child to see a specialist.

What is Happening and Why So Often?

Young children are in the early stages of developing their immune systems. Sinus and other health issues are typical at this stage in life.

The most frequent symptom for which parents seek medical attention is nasal congestion. Nasal congestion can occur due to allergies, viral infections, bacterial infections, foreign bodies such as grass seeds, or even simple stuffiness due to dry weather. These symptoms occur because our nose has two functions. The nose filters out dust particles and bacteria while also allowing us to breathe. When these filters become clogged up, breathing becomes difficult.

Parents should consult a Pediatric ENT specialist if their child is experiencing any prolonged bouts of the following:

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The team at Collier has advanced training in caring for those with the above conditions and more complex problems.

If you notice any ENT symptoms in your child, you should get proper testing and medical treatment so that they don't come to know prolonged sickness. 

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